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Kopi luwak

Contents Kopi luwak, or civet coffee, is the espresso version of a luxury roller coaster ride in the coffee world. It’s not just any cup o’ joe; it’s like the James Bond of coffees—exotic, intriguing, and with a backstory that could win an Oscar. So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes kopi luwak…

Recovering from a Forex Trading Loss

If you are interested in entering the world of forex trading, be prepared for the losses. Don’t expect to come out a winner in every forex transaction. This article suggests 6 things you need to keep in mind to help you recover from trading losses. To new and eager investors, the world of forex trading…

White truffle

White truffle is one of the most expensive types of truffle, and much sought after for its unique flavour. The flesh is pale cream or brown with white marbling, and this species only grows in certain parts of southern Europe.

The Birkin bag

Named after the actress Jane Birkin, the Birkin bag is one of the most iconic handbags from the French luxury brand Hermès.

Chanel No. 5

Launched in France in 1921, Chanel No.5 was the first perfume from the French couturier Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. The recipe was created by the French-Russian master perfumer Ernest Beaux, then chiefly known for the high-class perfumes he had created for the Russian Tzar family.

Kobe beef

Kobe beef is Wagyu beef from the Tajima strain of Japanese Black cattle that fulfil the strict requirements of the association Kōbeniku Ryūtsū Suishin Kyōgikai.

Ossetra caviar

Ossetra is one of the most prized and sought-after caviars in the world and can only be obtained from the Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii). Compared to the more well-known Beluga sturgeon (Huso huso), the Russian sturgeon is small and the flesh has a firmer texture. The word ossetra comes from the Russian word осетра, which means…

Maltese Falcon statuettes

Several statuettes of the Maltese Falcon were made for the 1941 movie of the same name, and they have unsurprisingly become sought after items among collectors. If you want to be the owner of one of these statuettes, you need deep pockets because they have a tendency to fetch a pretty penny at auctions.

Waxed cotton jackets from Barbour

The waxed cotton jacket from J. Barbour & Sons is such an iconic garment in the English countryside that some people simply use the term “barbour jacket” for all jackets of this type, regardless of manufacturer. Of course, there is something very special about the actual Barbour jacket and it is no coincidence that this…

Cigars from Davidoff

Many cigar aficionados have a special place for Davidoff cigars in their heart. Rooted in a tobacco specialist shop in Switzerland opened by a Jewish immigrant from Novhorod-Siverskyi in the 1930s, Davidoff today offers a broad portfolio of their own premium cigars, cigarillos and pipe tobaccos. The brands Camacho and Zino Platinum are a part…